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In the Winter Months it is of course important to stay warm.                 Tai Chi & Qigong cultivate internal fire, raise our temperature and are the ideal antidote to the Winter Blues. How can we adjust our psychic and body rhythms to suit the season? What happens within us is mirrored by the natural world around us. During the frost of winter, plants submerge their lifeblood into their roots, animals thicken their hides, and ponds harden into ice. This is a time of apparent quiescence and stasis, go within, beneath the surface is the hidden activity of gestation and germination and power, that will bring forth renewal in spring.

Winter Energy
Element – Water
Organ – Kidney

Kidney harbours our Essence that feeds and renews our life force. Kidney has many functions physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically.
It is, however, also vulnerable to various factors…. many of which we have control over.Anxiety – Fear is the emotion of the kidneys and the bladder, organs associated with the water element and the Winter time.

Qigong offers simple, effective practices which help to nourish our Qi, Chi, Prana, Energy …our Life Force Energy. In Tai Chi & Qigong we have the symbol of the Eternal Flame and the Inner Smile at the Lower Dan Tien. With practice this Eternal Flame becomes brighter and brighter nourishing our Vital Energy, giving us a powerful Energy Shield to protect us from external influences. To allow the body to rest, repair and replenish. To feel Safe & Secure, to feel comfortable in ourself, this is the opposite of fear.

Our Universal Energy Arts & YogiChild Academy practices and techniques really do empower you during this time. We offer weekly classes, monthly weekend Time Out retreats and Teacher Training.

Our e-courses remind us and help us to attend to our Practice. 💖

The Universal Energy Arts are Infinite Tai ChiChi Kung (Qigong), YogaSound Healing/Healing SoundsMeditation YogiChild

Join us on and reap the benefits of these Arts, through in-depth training in the Internal Martial Arts & Yoga. 

Transform Your Life Forever

Harness the Power of the Universe

Tone the Body, Calm the Mind

Experience the Power of Chi

Experience rejuvenation, vitality, natural health, inner strength, inner joy and spiritual growth

Benefits of Practice with The Universal Energy Arts & YogiChild Academy

A Vibrant Physical Body

A Pure Loving Heart

An Open Creative Mind

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Universal Energy Arts

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The Winter's element is water, the colour is black

 Organs - Kidney/Bladder

Transform your fears...see the Kidneys radiating the healing light of courage

We provide training and practice in Tai Chi, Qigong, Raja Yoga, Sound Healing & Meditation

Students can learn and perfect these arts and contact with their own higher healing energies through attending  Yogi Cho and Pamela's Universal Energy Arts & YogiChild Academy classes, courses, workshops and retreats and through the on-line courses. 

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