Universal Energy Arts & YogiChild Academy

Simon (aka Yogi Cho) is the Principal of The Universal Energy Arts & YogiChild Academy, which is based in Co Cork.

His core focus is to become a Radiant, Loving and Empowering Presence in the world, through the practice of 

Tai Chi, Qigong, Healing Sounds, Yoga & Meditation.

These Energy Arts are dedicated to the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual growth of all the inhabitants of planet earth!

The Universal Energy Arts are the Art and Science of Living and are concerned with the evolution of our mind, body and spirit.

Ling Chi Healing Art with Yogi Cho

LING: Purity, Spiritual Transcendence 

(Spiritual transcendence is a spiritual or sacred experience that changes the way you perceive yourself)

CHI: Life Energy, Breath, Universal Energy.

Ling Chi harnesses the 3 Treasures of the Universe and the 3 Treasures of Humankind to restore all levels of our being.

Ling Chi practitioners use a unique blend of Tai Chi, QigongHealing Sounds and Meditation to open their energy channels, to train their minds to be still and receptive to Higher Healing Energies of the Universe.

Ling Chi Healing Art is a combination of the energies of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and can help to assist and speed up our natural healing process, personal empowerment and spiritual awakening.

The core aim of Ling Chi healing is to bring health, harmony and empowerment to ourselves, to fellow human beings and to our planet.

A Ling Chi Healing Art session will comprise of Tai ChiHealing Sounds and Qigong Flows combined with seated chair massage.

Tai Chi & Qigong offer simple, effective practices which help to nourish our Qi, Chi, Prana, Energy…our Life Force Energy. 

With practice when we nourish our energy, the Eternal Flame and the Inner Smile at the Lower Dan Tien, our energy field becomes brighter and brighter.  We can nourish our Vital Energy, giving us a powerful Energy Shield to protect us from malevolent external influences. 

Allow the body to rest, repair and replenish. To feel Safe & Secure, to feel comfortable in ourselves, this is the opposite of fear. Our Universal Energy Arts practices and techniques are empowering, can transform our emotions and can help increase our happiness factor.

We offer weekly classes, monthly weekend Time Out retreats and Teacher Training.

Our e-courses & videos remind us and help us to attend to our Practice.


We provide training and practice in Tai Chi, Qigong, Raja Yoga, Healing Sounds, YogiChild & Meditation

Students can learn and perfect these arts and contact with their own higher healing energies through attending Yogi Cho and Pamela's Universal Energy Arts & YogiChild Academy classes, courses, workshops and retreats. 

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Golden Sun Qigong

Divine Nature Meditation

Standing Like a Tree Qigong


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